Sure you need a professional partner with personal touch

Cramim Insurance Agency (1997) Ltd. was established in 1997 by Moshe Edri, with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Over the years, Cramim has grown and expanded, but have always remained faithful to a clear vision: providing quality, innovative service, tailored to the client's needs – without compromise. This is the mission that leads us and the commitment that has made us one of the leading insurance agencies in the industry, with thousands of loyal clients. You can be confident that you have a professional, reliable and committed partner and with a promise to safer, more comfortable and efficient future. We are with you in calm times to maximize your insurance plans and, of course, in challenging times where we will provide you with professional service, fast and efficient.

Our approach is to combine professional and personal care. Choosing an insurance channel is one of the most important decisions in life. Analytic aspect that requires high understanding, a choice between alternatives and long-term vision. We are proud to lead our clients in the changing insurance world towards solutions that produce the highest value for them, and proud to be on their side in any challenge that requires commitment, understanding and quick intervention.

ONE STOP SHOP – Make sure you get all the right solutions

In a complex world that moves forward quickly and with endless choices, we lead our clients and agents to the best solutions for them. Every client of Cramim is at the core of our activity and we focus our efforts on it. What distinguishes us in the industry is the wide range of insurance lines in which we operate. Cramim provides its clients with a solution to all insurance sectors, making us a real and efficient one stop shop that provides value both in the type of insurance solution and in the concentration of all customer needs under one roof.

Sure you need customization

Cramim is a leading company in the insurance industry, and thanks to the smart management structure, we operate in a flexible and creative manner, in order to shorten response times and provide our clients with quick response in a variety of areas and insurance and personal challenges. Our rich experience and specialization in unique insurance products also gives you a broad professional umbrella. Each case is analyzed individually, and each cover is tailored according to your needs, the existing solutions in the market and the suitability that we perform for you.

Sure you need a home in the insurance world

In addition to serving our clients, Cramim is backing its agents by pushing them forwards and enabling them to reach a high level of independence, thus reducing dependence on the insurance companies. Our experience in a variety of insurance products and with a wide clientele gives the agents a professional toolbox with all the knowledge and commitment to pave a path of security, personal development and independence for them.

Cramim is an underwriting agency producing general line, homeowners, business, liabilities and engineering projects insurance. Cramim has full independence in matching insurance businesses with the insurance companies with which we work.

As part of our effort to touch every area of insurance and to specialize in it, Cramim holds a license to engage in insurance as a successor to the Lloyd's underwriters in the London market, OMC. We obtain appropriate insurance coverage of any kind and according to the needs of the business.

Sure you need a strong partner

Cramim Agency works with the largest insurance companies and pension funds in Israel, and handles a significant portfolio. Our experienced team provides services to thousands of private clients and hundreds of employers, organizations and leading companies in Israel. Among our clients are Altshuler Shaham, Israel Chemicals Group including Dead Sea , Rotem Ampert, Magnesium, etc. Yacobi Brothers YSB, Eli Keren Industries, Issa Khouri Metal Works, Prince Tahini , Katz shipping company, Rotem Industries and others.

Question of personal insurance or direct insurance?

There is no doubt that the entry of the direct insurance companies and the aggressive campaigns raised the dilemma of choosing between a direct and impersonal company and agents and insurance agents. It is customary to think that the main advantage of Direct Insurance is the price issue, however, today there is a better understanding that in both pricing and personal care the insurance agent offers a variety of advantages preferable to direct companies. Here are some advantages for the differences between personal insurance and direct insurance:

Customization – An insurance agent knows how to tailor the right insurance for you. Direct companies do not have the tools and the time to find exactly the right insurance package that will work best for you.

Reliability and Service – Working with an agent you know exactly what you sign for, and obviously you personally know the person who will take care of you in the good and bad times. When you need your agent the most you can reach him directly by his private phone no. or address, unlike to the huge customer service centers where the insured is only a number at the center.

Why to choose us as your insurance partner?

There are quite a few entities that provide insurance solutions and coverages. What helps Cramim to stand out and makes thousands of clients choose to stay with us are the same things that have led us for more than 20 years: expertise and personal service.

Experience. Cramim is an established and stable insurance agency owned by Moshe Edri, who brings with him tremendous experience of more than 30 years in the industry. Our seniority contributes to our specialization. The more cases you deal with, the more knowledge, experience and understanding you are gaining, this enable us to provide you with the best treatment for complex insurances, claims and the like.

Internship. Cramim specializes in all types of insurance: pension, health, study funds, retirement planning, etc., life (disability, accidents, critical illness, etc.) general, homeowners, business, etc. Cramim has a special expertise in complex insurance systems that we tailor to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Independence. Cramim Insurance Agency is a privately owned broker that does not depend on any of the insurance companies. This enables us to provide objective solution to our clients. We work in full and long-standing cooperation with the largest insurance companies in the Israeli Market in order to adjust the most suitable and optimal coverage.

Creativity.  Cramim is constantly growing and developing in order to match the pace of the changing environment, technologies and in terms of reforms in the Insurance market. We are developing adaptive and digital tools for the dynamic environment, in order to improve our service and expertise. Cramim works to provide creative solutions in Israel and abroad to our clients and agents and to set a new standard in the Market.

Accessibility.  Cramim operates dozens of agents and insurance agencies all over Israel, making us more accessible to you geographically. The company's main offices are located in Ramat Gan and Be'er Sheva, enabling our clients to reach us easily and meet us on any subject.