JB Policy- Diamond and Jewelry Insurance

Whether you are a jewelry store owner, a diamond exporter or a manufacturer, we are committed to providing insurance coverage that suits your unique needs, at reasonable prices and with the highest level of security.

ביטוח תכשיטים

Cramim Diamonds (formerly "Clal Diamonds"), a division of Cramim Insurance, is an underwriting agency with years of experience in diamond and jewelry insurance. We insure the whole chain of production and trade from the mines to the jewelry stores, in Israel and around the world.

At Cramim Diamonds, which operates under the umbrella of the Jewelers Block, most of our attention is directed to the implementation of a customized, tailor-made policy that suits the unique needs of each customer. Cramim Diamonds’ experienced professional team creates the appropriate insurance policy and obtains sufficient coverage from reliable high-risk insurers.

Approved OMC – Open Market Correspondent

The ability to place any class of business with Lloyds underwriters on an open market basis.

Cramim Diamonds is an authorized insurance agency which operates on behalf of Lloyds of London in Israel. Our offices are located in the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange complex with direct access to Israel's diamond and jewelry industry.

All-Risk Policy

Unique coverage for the diamond and jewelry industry that protects you against any physical, accidental, or unexpected loss or damage (with the exception of certain specified risks) and provides comprehensive coverage in large amounts at competitive prices.

The JB insurance policy covers the large-scale inventory of goods in warehouses (offices, factories, shops, private homes), while transporting and delivering goods in consignment to third parties (such as brokers, contractors and customers(, exhibitions and more, all over Israel and around the world.